Louis Vuitton
Mocha Brown Double Sateen Jacket
LV Size 46

$1900 USD
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From the Men's Spring-Summer 2006 collection, this jacket exhudes the sensual and passionate nature of Man. With its exterior made of Viscose and interior made of silk, this sporty jacket drew the attention of the crowd at its Runway Show debut, easily setting the pace for the rest of the collection to follow behind it.

Complimenting this jacket, one could easily sport a Keepall Tobago with a "Lagoon Pendatif" : this ensemble marked a return to LV's commitment to bringing Men's RTW to level not to be undone by any other.

'Louis Vuiton' is beautifully stiched on the back of the jacket, jusxtaposing the classic tradition of the Maison's craft against the backdrop of a James Dean personnae. This jacket is not meant for all men - it is meant for he who exemplfies all that is to be desired of a Man.

The Double Sateen Mocha Brown Jacket is an Men's LV size 46 and comes with LV jacket cover, tags, and greeting cards.