Louis Vuitton
Vip Graffiti
Unisex Tee Shirt
Spring-Summer 2001
Runway Ticket

$700 USD
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The Graffiti Tee Shirt Unisex features include:

  • Ticket piece to Spring-Summer 2001 runway show
  • Exclusive to VIP's & fashion journalists only
  • Never sold in any boutique
  • Inspired by Steven Sprouse's work on the Monogram Graffiti line
  • Rare pink tone graffiti on classic Monogram Canvas brown hue
  • Packaged with LV stickers, gift paper, and box
  • 5,75" W (arm) x 6,75" W (neck) x 3" H (neck) inches
  • 22,75" H x 18" L (shoulders) inches: Men's size
  • New condition