Louis Vuitton
Groom Bandeau Rouge

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The new Groom collection, with its famous hotel bellboy hurrily porting a luggage bag, has become the new iconic line for this Fall-Winter season. With a double-stripe in white & red running veritcally along the bandeau and with the classic Monogram Canvas background, this piece will beautifully accent any handbag or apparel.

Conjuring images of luxury & elegance against the backdrop of a playful animation centerpiece and jet-set motif, this accessory is the must-have for this season. Journalists & VIP's took to the Groom collection with great admiration for its refreshing, bold, and colorful take on fashion.

Perfect for this fall and winter, the Bandeau will be the perfect "coup de gras" for one's accessory collection. The Groom Bandeau Rouge comes with LV gift paper, stickers, and a VIP Groom greeting card.