Louis Vuitton
Mink Vison Scarf

$2200 USD
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The Mink scarf, or "Vison" in French, boldly embodies the 3 essentials of Luxury: Elegance, Quality, and Uniqueness. This Mink scarf upholds to those aforementioned values and surpasses one's expectations with its supple, soft texture.

The scarf has the classic Monogram imprinted into the fur of the mink, such that it would appear as being a natural phenonmenon! Beautifully crafted, the scarf appears to be on singular piece, with little stiching showing anywhere. On the interior band is the "Louis Vuitton" rectagular cloth band.

Perfect for this winter, the Mink scarf is expounds the images of class and luxury. This Mink Scarf comes with its LV box and greeting card